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White-Water Tours

An Unforgettable Up-River Rafting Experience

Experience the thrills of up-river white water rafting! As adventure professionals, we take great pride in our 24 years' experience and our friendly, knowledgeable service. Book today!

"Really fun, not like anything I've ever done before."

Lisa, Princeton, NJ

2020 Tide Schedule

3 Great Three-Hour River Tours

As the moon waxes and wanes, so does the intensity of the tide swirling into the Shubenacadie. This results in different tour experiences. Read more below! The Tide Schedule shows when the tide comes in and what you can expect on any given day. Because the tidal bore is a natural phenomenon, all times and turbulences are predicted.

People Rafting Rafting Through Rapids Raft Hitting a Wave

The Qualifier

Put on a life jacket and relax — but hold on tight to the gunwales of that zodiac. Even when the tides are less intense, tidal rapids can swell over 6 feet high! Take The Qualifier and focus on exploring nature on the river-on Qualifier days the river will be much less "in your face!" Adults cost $85, children 12 and under just $80.

White Water Tango

Quench your thirst for scenic beauty and outdoor adventure — do the Tango! A great trip for all ages, White Water Tango will get your adrenaline flowing. Higher rapids and waves combine for exhilarating action on these more intense days. As one rafter put it, "Totally Turbulent!!!!". The White Water Tango costs $85 (with children 12 and under just $80).

The Ultimate

Rock & Roll! Experience The Ultimate-a fast-paced and intense ride on 30-foot tides that drives the river backward with the full force of the moon! You experience non-stop action from the moment the tidal bore enters the Shubie. As one rafter put it, "[It] compares well with the Colorado!" The Ultimate costs $85 (with children 12 and under just $80).

Watermark Tours

Book an hour and a half on the river for just $65! (Children 12 years old and under cost just $60). Embark for the lower end of the river one hour before the tide and disembark at the midpoint-or, to join the tour for up-river adventure, arrive on site at the tide times listed in the tide schedule.

Group Tours

Groups of 8 or more will receive a $5.00 discount! A 25% non-refundable deposit is required for group reservations. We require a full two-weeks prior notice for the cancellation of a group reservation, and 48 hours for groups less than 8. We are bus and RV accessible. 

**All Prices Are Subject To Applicable Tax. 

Are Reservations Required?

Reservations are recommended to ensure a seat on the raft. 

What Should I Wear?

The Shubenacadie water, mud, and silt can stain clothes. We recommend that you wear older clothes as well an old pair of running shoes or sandals that you are less concerned about.

What's to Eat?

After battling the tidal rapids for one and a half to three hours (depending on the trip you take) everybody arrives back at the lodge HUNGRY! A complimentary BBQ is included with your trip, including hot dogs, pop, chips, and hot chocolate and coffee on cooler days.

The Best Guides

With so much excitement you need to be confident that you, your friends, and family are in capable hands. All our guides are experienced, trained, and certified. With us, safety comes first. Our guides know the river, and they know how to navigate when she begins to boil. Your guides are knowledgeable about the river's history, geology, and ecology, and will describe it all throughout the tour. Most of all, Shubenacadie River Adventure Tour guides make sure that you have an incredible experience both on and off the river!

All Rafting Tours Include

  • Safety Orientation
  • Life Jackets, Rain Gear, & Boots
  • BBQ
  • Mid-Point Break & Refreshments
  • Use of Our Facilities
  • Showers
  • Washrooms, Change Rooms


  • We require all rafters to sign a waiver before departing on our rafting tours.
  • All Rafters must arrive at our rafting lodge one hour before tide time. Children 12 & under deduct $5.00 off regular prices. Group discounts available (8 or more). 
  • Prices do not include guide's gratuities.
  • On "The Ultimate" days we recommend children to be at least 8 years old to ride.