Shubenacadie River Adventure Tours

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The River

Nova Scotia's Largest Tidal River

The Shubenacadie River is Nova Scotia's wildest, with headwaters and tributaries extending throughout the heart of the Nova Scotian peninsula. Our powered Zodiacs are boarded at low tide, and we navigate down a lazy river past magnificent sandbars, mudflats, old Acadian dykelands, and forests. At times the river is banked by cliffs towering 200 feet. The natural beauty of the river is incredible. At the mouth of the Shubie we meet the tidal bore -the wave that heralds the incoming tide-and discover the awesome power of Fundy Bay.

The World's Highest Tides

Experience up-river white water rafting as you ride the force of the highest tides in the world! As the contour of the river narrows, the sheer volume of water has nowhere to go but up. The tide is travelling 30 miles inland, quickly reversing the natural flow of the river — so when the tide's running high, Shubie's tidal rapids can stir up 16-foot waves! In the course of your rafting adventure the river level will rise 20 to 30 feet.

2019 Tide Schedule

What is Mud Sliding?

At various locations along the river when the tide is low to mid-high, the banks reach approximately 25ft. in height with an angle of 45-55 degrees sloping to the river. Due to the geology of the surrounding area, the river banks are formed primarily of soft mud with the outer layer (4-5 inches) more of a soupy composition. The soft mud is extremely slippery and if one proceeds to position oneself in a fashion similar to sliding, with a little push or running dive, the art of mud sliding is accomplished. Yeeha!


Please Note: We do not offer separate Mudsliding Tours — we just stop to go mudsliding during our rafting trips. Thanks!