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Up-river White Water Rafting on the Shubenacadie River. Nova Scotia's largest river.
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Mud Sliding

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What is Mud Sliding?

PLEASE NOTE: We do not offer separate Mudsliding Tours, we stop to go mudsliding during our rafting trip only. Thanks!
At various locations along the river when the tide is low to mid high, the banks reach approximately 25ft. in height with an angle of 45-55 degrees sloping to the river. Due to the geology of the surrounding area, the river banks are formed primarily of soft mud with the outer layer (4-5 inches) more of a soupy composition. The soft mud is extremely slippery and if one proceeds to position ones self in a fashion similar to sliding,  with a little push or running dive, the art of mud sliding is accomplished. Yeeha!
Tidal Bore Rafting: Up-river White Water Rafting.
Mud Sliding
Enjoy a refreshing swim
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"Crazy wet fun"
— Heather & Dave, New York, NY


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